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Foresight Plastics & Engineering is located at the Szczecin, Poland, draws its expertise from a rich experience of 23 years in recommending, optimizing and supplying plastic materials in all forms, from raw materials to semi-finished blanks, to highly precise micro-machined parts for medical devices and semiconductor industry.
We look into detailed requirements of our customers and are available 24 x 7 for guidance and help. We service a diverse spectrum of industries, who frequently use plastics for engineering applications in corrosion protection, thermal / electrical / electronic insulation, bearing & sealing applications, material handling and general engineering use. We specialize in offering our products and services also to solar, nuclear, food-safe, medical & pharma industries, who require supplies of a higher quality, homogeneity and purity.

Why we are different
-  Our company invests in its own raw materials for as much as 65% of the products we offer.
-  We have our own QC inspectors in 4 different countries who inspect the goods at every stage: raw  material, goods-in-process and at the final pre delivery / packing stage.
-  We have experience in handling and recommending products for discerning customers, requiring  high performance against extreme operating temperature & pressure conditions, harsh acidic alkaline  environments and situations involving such multiple parameters.
-  We have developed over the years sourcing networks and techniques for hard-to-find products, which  has been further fine-tuned by our ERP sourcing software module, which helps us track suppliers  within record time from our database.

Organization of our business

Foresight Plastics has 8 distinct Business categories which helps us administer ourselves better, to enable us to  offer sustained quick service to our clients:
Our Sales pattern distinctly shows that Foresight Plastics & Engineering heavily leans towards offering solutions  for demanding application wherein Fluoroplastics and High Performance Plastics are mainly used: